ANStrList functions

Set of functions to manage ANStrList strings, read, save, delete, sort, compare, count and create unique
ANStrList is one string having multiple items separated by known separator
List_ItemRead: To read item from list by its ID
List_ItemSave: Returns list after modifying certain item by its ID
List_ItemsModify: Returns list of items after adding or deleting items, preserving list uniqueness.
List_ItemsCount: returns count of items in list
List_ItemsSort: To sort list items in list alphabetically, using ADOR.Recordset object
List_ItemSearch: searching for an item in list
List_ItemsUnique: Returns list of unique items in list
List_Compare: Compares between two ANStrlists, returns 1 if match, 0 if not, with option to compare order too or not



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ANStrList, Sepa
ANStrList1, ANStrList2, Optional CompareOrder = 0, Optional Sepa = "|"

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