UI 174 User interface, user controls, and display codes

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Win10 ThisPC Virtual locations

I hate it when Windows forcing us to have additional items in "This PC" So, I ...

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Gototop + Circular scroll progress

JS icon to show progress of scroll in webpage having button to go back to top. ...


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Webfont generater

Online tool. Generate web font to be used in websites. When trying to fix ...

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CSS 3D flip

Flip box, 3D in CSS From


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bootstrap 5 Spacelab Dark

A Bootstrap 5 css and scss, Spacelab, dark after modified. Not a toggle, just ...


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Bootstrap 5 color toggle

Working toggle button to switch between light and dark color modes in Bootstrap ...


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Zoomed iframe

Show iframe zoomed or in scale Thanks to

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Browser window in a userform Just add Frm3 and call Frm3.Frm3_OpenWeb passing ...


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Userform to switch names of two files. Basically renaming two files with each ...